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Item Specification Material(mm) Unit weight(kg)
Post Unit H5475*D800mm 90*67*2.0 57.07
Beam Inner to inner
L2200mm 120*50*1.5 box 12.81
crossing spacer L400 50*30*1.5 tube 1.28
low post H450 90*67*2.0 2.41
A-Frame Racking allows you to maximize the storage area of the warehouse by storing long products vertically. The standard models are single-sided and double-sided, each compartment is equipped with a crossing spacer to prevent objects from tilting left and right, and each compartment is equipped with a special floor block to form a barrier to prevent any goods from sliding forward. It is widely used, such as hardware supermarket, building materials market, etc.

A-Frame Racking specially designed for long products that can stand upright. For example: PVC conduit, wood, steel, aluminum, molded parts and other long items. A-Frame enables you to quickly and easily find the goods stored on the ground. If you add the label we provide for you, it will be the best shelf system for manual selection and classification of goods.
We will customize A-frame according to customers' needs.
Information required for A-Frame Rack design:
1) Storage height
2) size of goods storage (length x width x height)
3) size of warehouse
Our services锛?/strong>
You can send us your CAD drawings, and we will provide you with quick quotation. Or you just need to tell us the 3D size of your warehouse, we can design and draw drawings for you in 48 hours. Customized A-Frame Rack

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