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Digital Retina Imaging Machine is a machine that takes pictures of the retina of the eye. Generally, it is necessary to dilate and take pictures in the ophthalmology department for careful examination. This is mainly to observe the condition of the retina. There are also fundus cameras with small pupils, which are commonly used in endocrinology departments.
Technical Specification
ModelAPS-AER (Model B)
Camera Brand And ModelD5300
Camera Resolution24.1 Mega Pixel
FunctionColor fundus
Lens TypeAspherical
Field Of ViewUp to 53掳
Minimum Pupil Size3.3mm
Light SourceInfrared LED
Diopter Compensation鈮?卤15D
Fixation LampExternal fixation lamp + 11 internal fixation lamp
AlignmentTwo dots
Focus ModeAuto focus & Manual focus
Image captureAuto/Manual
Exposure ModeAuto flash & Manual flash
Eye Position IdentificationAuto
Working Distance42mm 卤 2mm
Platform movementAuto/Manual
Digital Retina Imaging Non-mydriatic fundus camera:
First, the fundus refers to the retina, optic nerve, and macula inside the eye.
Second, the pupil is similar to the aperture of a camera. The stronger the light, the smaller the pupil, and the weaker the light, the larger the pupil.
Third, during fundus examination, the retina, optic nerve and macula inside the eye need to be observed through the pupil. When the light shines on the eyes, the small pupils will naturally shrink to adapt to the light, which will hinder the examination of the fundus. In order to solve this problem, the eyes are generally anesthetized in advance so that the pupils will not change with the change of light. After the pupil is dilated, it takes a long time to recover. If there is strong light at this time, the human eyes will be very uncomfortable and even damage the retina.
Fourth, non-mydriatic fundus photography is to use the principle of high sensitivity to increase the sensitivity of the camera, use weaker light (large pupils) to take pictures of the fundus, and get it on the computer for observation and analysis.Fundus Photography for sale

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