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it's powdered the DXN Code Strike Benefit se are really good sources of b12 which is good if you're vegan definitely incorporate nutritional yeast into your diet this is an amazing popcorn seasoning and again makes like really good sauces but it just blows my mind that people would go and buy a sauce that they could literally like spend you know you can spend like forty dollars all the products combined and you could make at least 30 batches of sauce so it's it's cost-effective trust me when I say it's cost-effective which is like yeah I could buy that not it yeah absolutely but it's not even necessary okay Chris is like hovering over here so I think he wants to be in the video hey this is Chris he's tired he took the dog in early long walk and it's really cold where we live  DXN Code Strike Side Effects  can I keep going yes okay so the next thing is my personal favorite which is organic coconut flour guys this is Bob's Red Mill organic coconut flour it smells so good it's like shortbread it smells like coconut shortbread and it's it smells so sweet and so delicious like I know that I just wanna like put spoonfuls of it into my mouth I also plan on getting the almond flour from this brand as well just because it's good for baking these are a slightly

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