Posted by dfbbfb dfd on 27-01-20

angle The reason is because that is the path that will make light go from point A to point B the fastest Light doesn't travel as fast and glass compared to air. So although this may be the shortest path It doesn't minimize time because in this case the light spends more time in the glass where it's moving slower Now when light moves through the vacuum of space to minimize time it travels along geodesic curves, which are typically straight lines but around massive objects light bends and Because light follows geode evianne sics we can say that mass bends those geodesic lines or really we can say that space is curved simply put if geodesics are not lines and there's some indication that the space is curved and This was a huge breakthrough improving that general ativy was in fact Correct. Seeing that it wasn't just things with mass that were affected by gravity Okay, so far we've gone over Gaussian

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