minutes in and in just ten minutes notice how your heart is beating your breath is moving you're starting to work up a little bit of a sweat it doesn't take much you guys it doesn't take a lot to really get your body strong and healthy so we're going to keep going just a little bit more you're almost through with day one week one of your first step in the weight loss challenge you guys are doing awesome you ready to keep going let's do it alright so we're doing really great so far we have just a little bit more work to do before we finish today's exercise are you feeling good you're feeling energized it really doesn't take too much so let's go ahead and sit all the way down on to your mat we're going to do some core work here to end out our practice  via beauty cream for today so you can go ahead and lie all the way down onto your back just keep your knees bent as you come all the way down all right so now that

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