Posted by multan karachi on 26-09-20

Canzana CBD Oil  MasterCard because I don't have a lot of time on okay um let me get it out here all right it's 5521 mm-hmm eighty-one forty-one okay 13:21 eleventy 862 and that also expires 420 of 2020 I sort of beep again okay replay time beeping like every five seconds male does that drive you crazy that beep does it drive you guys crazy over there cuz driving me crazy do you guys get treats every time do you guys get treats every time it beeps I'm so sorry again here is that beauty again you really can't hear that yes sorry just beep you no hear that beep hold on don't say anything for a second see right there beeped did you hear it [Music] hold on one second oh it stopped did you do something different it stopped beep stopped ok those alive I just I can go and I think it's on your end cuz I was I think I think you muted me and then it went away and then when he unmuted me it came back the beep you know the beep that we've been talking about the beep goes on I'm so sorry afraid that ok let me go ahead and charge you for this I can't afford this one ok ok

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