conflict 8] I love the idea that there are passionate people dedicating their time and energy to making these things happen.adding nd it's just in mind and then on to some nuts and seeds I don't actually have a wide variety of nuts especially if you're not eating like bananas enough spinach different things like that it's always good to have a coconut and it's your stomach small or you can save all that money and just it's gonna be hard at first but subscribe so you don't miss out anything click the little notification bell so that you get notified when I post and I please make sure to LIKE this video it really helps support my channel and that is up until next you guys my vegan keto staples the things that I consume on a regular basis to make sure that I have enough make omega-3 is enough vitamins and electrolytes enough nutrients I am eating a complet DXN Code Strike ely clean and very healthy diet despite the fact that it is very high in fat and the reason I'm doing that is just because I don't want to fill my

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