Another fantastic change is that PSO2 Meseta curing items can be used on the fly. No more getting stuck at a beverage cartoon trying to heal only to be immediately smacked and lose all of it without a thing you can do about it. Healing will occur instantaneously in NG at the same time you do more important things, such as dodging. All in all, the combat is receiving a much-needed update while still feeling perfectly familiar.

Once you reach level 70, you'll have the choice to undertake Ultimate Quests. Unlike Advance Quests, enemies in Ultimate Quests will keep respawning infinitely, such as boss enemies with a possibility of falling rare weapons like the Nemesis series, some of the finest in the game right now.

Normally when conducting an Ultimate Quest, you are going to encounter players jumping in and out of their quest in their schedule, and while you're going to be tasked with the game to really finish the quest with a boss encounter at the end, the majority of the time gamers will treat Ultimate Quests like a treadmill, running and killing enemies for as long as wanted. It's not as fast as running Advanced Quests for Exp, but can be used to less mindlessly farm without ever leaving the quest area, and you may find some fantastic loot to boot.

Finally, whenever you listen to the telling for an approaching Urgent Quest, you should put aside what you're doing and run it for the length it is accessible. Not only are they unique boss battles you can not do outside of their Urgent Quest window, but often have an opportunity for exceptional drops, and lots of Experience. Not all of Urgent Quests are created equal, but for the most part, they're readily worth doing.

Starting in Episode 5, Buster Quests become a decent solution for earning experience, though there is a little bit of a ramp you have to climb. Early on, you will only have the ability to choose Grade 1 Buster Quests, before you earn sufficient Buster Points to work your way up the rankings. It's also important to be aware that playing'Free Matches' will not enhance your Grade or earn you any points, but you'll earn Buster Medals which can be exchanged for useful things such as Advance Capsules. You'll also earn a Main Match Boost Impact for your next couple of regular Buster Quests, providing you a piling Triboost +100%, so it's a fantastic idea to filter in some Free Matches between Main Matches to maintain this boost up. You'll also earn Cleasis and cheap meseta pso2 Schvelle Boosters, which are used in high-end weapon crafting, therefore Buster Quests are a good deal all around.

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