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Reminder: Don't ask for private information, suggest someone ought to be doxxed, connect to or comment with Animal Crossing Items personal information, publicly solicit personal information, or contact the people featured here. You will be prohibited. "Can you just presume my species?!?!? I'm half-firbolg and half-halfling but recognize as the latter because I was raised with that side of the household, not that it's any of your business you stereotyping bigot!"

How DARE you make me roster for CHA. Are you questioning my charisma just due to my identity? You understand that rolling for charisma is ableist do not you? Some people have social anxiety that doesn't allow them to get a high CHA mod. YOU ARE A PIG. I bet you are a straight white male too. Racist.

Legit case in one of those Pokemon games too. You choose the woman character because her personality is very....girly lmao and so she does lots of extra cutesy wootsy bullshit that takes time up when she's an NPC. The man character is very stoic in contrast and cuts out all the excess stuff.That's just the sort of thing that's ruining D&D right now, you joke about it people are legally fighting Orc rights. That the very concept of having a race that leans towards bad alignment in a world where alignment is enforced and important by magic that exists in world is racist.

Were they say they're eliminating'race' for following entrances because iT wAs rAcIsT? You select your own today so you can be a strong elf or an intelligent orc.

They did not even eliminate racial bonuses, they gave you the option to alter them if you would like.

The thing is, people could have been doing this anyway, but it's from the rules for 5e. Like, one of the greatest things in DnD is homebrew and tweaking the rules as you see fit. If people do not want bad orcs, they could just not have bad orcs in their campaign, it is so simple.I hear Not Another D&D Podcast and their campaign exists in a universe where interbreeding is a thing for millenia, so that there are no"races". Every being is a multitude of distinct racial aspects.

For player characters it allow the players pick one civic"course" while having their character look however the desire, and all beings are extremely"human-monster hybrid".

Eg. Emily's PC, Fia, is portrayed as being violet peeled and fanged, marginally"orcish" in her face but long and gangly elven physique. It's a mishmash of different descriptions that works great having a"look how you want, but apply a race's features".

Personally, I think it is a bit OP since you can chose a feat onto every race (a feat is essentially like a talent and some are extremely strong), but in the long run it's to create your character more flexible when you wish to play with an Orc Wizard f.e. and do not have much use for your bonus strength.It's more fun because you can play any race as any class but it makes races only another piece of cheap Animal Crossing Bells fluff information that you inform your party once and they then forget the entire game that their magician is a half-orc.

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