Security Fence for sale

Security Fence for sale
Posted by tanyang on 29-06-20
Security Fence for sale

Usage of Insulated Telescopic fence: Safety fence is one of technical measures for safety of site workers, which is mainly used for maintenance of power plant and substation equipments, electrical test, power distribution maintenance, metallurgical, mining, petrochemical, port and other large-size enterprises and public facilities.

Temporary safety barriers (fences) are classified into fixed and non-fixed temporary fences. The non-fixed fence is further divided into expandable and non-expandable types. Fixed temporary fence is 170cm in height, while non-fixed temporary fence is 120cm high. Temporary fences should be made with insulating materials, including wooden and PPR tubes, FRP and epoxy resin. The sign “No Entry, High Voltage!” is hung over our temporary safety fence (barriers), and the sign “Work Here! Get In/Out Here” is erected at the fence access.

Our safety fences are elegant, high in quality, complete in specifications, uniquely designed, freely expandable (expandable type), easy for carrying, provided with conspicuous reflective sign, and can meet construction requirements of power sector, thus well accepted by vast power users. The fences can be freely combined into safety net. Special fences can be customized according to actual conditions. Wound with insulating epoxy resin tubes, the fences are high in quality, solid and durable, and have overcome the shortcoming of cracking of extruded tube. Welcome to our company and give your advice.Security Fence for sale

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