Posted by awz sun on 25-01-20

circumference and if the surface is curved You'd notice that the circumference does not have a length of 2 pi R as it should It actually be a little smaller if we're on a sphere Because remember in your eyes You just walked in a perfectly straight line to trace out or measure that radius, but in reality you curve just a little That means the circle you drew would lie on a plane Slightly inside the sphere and when those have a radius slightly smaller than the distance you walked Meaning the circumference will be 2 pi times a value slightly less than that red R which you thought was a flat line segment and from this you could conclude that you're on a surface with a positive curvature at least locally If on the other hand, the circumference was  v Benefits of oat milk greater than 2 pi or you could conclude maybe you're on some saddle shape with negative curvature Now yes, this would be a difficult task on such a large non Perfect sphere like Earth, but there is more we can do without going around the entire thing or leaving it Because one of the biggest differences between curved surfaces is what you'll encounter when moving parallel to someone

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