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WENG'S HUAJIAN CO.,LTD are currently fewer steel parts. Galvanized steel pipes must be connected by threads, and their fittings should also be galvanized fittings. This method is mostly used for surface installation of pipelines. Welding is to use a welding machine and welding rod to connect two sections of pipelines together. The advantages are tight joints, no water leakage, no accessories, and rapid construction. But it cannot be disassembled. Welding is only suitable for non-galvanized steel pipes. This method is mostly used for concealed pipelines. The flange is connected to a pipe with a larger pipe diameter. The flange is often welded or threaded on the pipe end, and then the two flanges are connected together with bolts, and the two pipes are also Connected together. Flange connections are generally used to connect valves, check valves, water meters, water pumps as well as pipe sections that need to be frequently disassembled CPVC Round quick coupling and overhauled.


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