Glaucoma Symptoms and Complaints

Posted by Syreetachen on 17-08-20
Glaucoma Symptoms and Complaints

A large number of eye doctors treat patients Eagle Eye 911 Reviewwho go to their office complaining of ailments such as eye pressure, head pain, and problems with sight. If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, you should be concerned about glaucoma. Only an eye specialist can tell if you're suffering from glaucoma after a thorough eye exam.

What causes Glaucoma?Glaucoma is sometimes referred to be the "silent thief of vision". It creates an increased pressure within the eye that can destroy the fragile nerve fibers crucial to vision. Glaucoma can possibly end with irreparable and severe problems with sight, and a constricted field of vision. There are various kinds of glaucoma named acute glaucoma, chronic glaucoma, secondary glaucoma and normal tension glaucoma (which is a form of chronic glaucoma.)

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