Posted by Rotita Coupon on 13-10-20

Rotita Coupon Code paste in however many rotator links you want so if you're using like a two-step storefront URL you could you could sprinkle in different keywords that you're sending Amazon traffic to so you know 5 10 50 here right now because I don't have the redirects set up on this particular page but this is basically my 404 t in and you're gonna see I'll give myself a coupon code okay so that little pop-up I'm sorry that comes from the mail munch plug-in that I did a different video on and I didn't turn it off that the pop-up won't show that was from another video that I did not tie up at the end and I should have okay so it will look just like this coupon code there and now we only have nine remaining right and nine remaining right there now you can see the coupon code shows in the URL that generate equals one generated the coupon code now once again if somebody copies this and they're like okay great I got a coupon code I'm gonna go

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