The Antichrist Spirit - The End Times - Part One

Posted by Lesliebadena on 03-08-20
The Antichrist Spirit - The End Times - Part One

There is a rule of life that is present in the growth Money Manifestation Magnet of a vine and its branches. The branches cannot live unless they are attached to the vine and the life flow of the live passes through the branches. It is a command that the branch receive the life of the vine or else it cannot live. There is an abiding, a joy, a fullness of that life that springs forth from the branches in the fashion of fruit. In that fruit are seeds of that life that can then be passed on to other soil and grow into another extension of that vine. The passing on of the love of God into the hearts of others. A life and growth of that life taking root and growing into a life filled with the life of the vine.

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