aren't really based in truth in the first place and then trying to replace those negative thought patterns okay I can help everyone can hear me I'm going to check with our technical folks hopefully they can let me know they can hear me right now my nam dxn code strike e is donna's kara probably introduced and thank you for joining us this morning we have a few housekeeping items before we get started what you will notice on the right side of your screen is a chat bar this allows you to connect with the others who are also online with us just keep in mind that as you're chatting and connecting with others that this chat will be able to be seen by e DXN Code Strike Reviews verybody who is doing the presentation also want to let you know that you have the opportunity if you are logged in to submit questions as we go along and throughout the presentation I will stop and answer question this is about a 30-minute presentation and if you will hang around to the end we will have some 

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