Description: the ground four and five come on I'm gonna do them with you oh we all love them ready here we go all the way to the ground whoo three four and one more okay let's just see this round one more time because it's it's probably about 20 minutes it's definitely somewhere and then that range less than 20 hours then more than zero ours that's all I got one more around come on situps if you can work the last 30 seconds that's all that I ask you want to finish strong don't give up before the very end and more push as much tier 2 keto pressure on your knee so this is really good for people with knee pain if you can take your right and take your right leg out and stretch up and clasp onto if you can the back of your foot and give your my website is today I will be fit calm so get into butterfly and grab those ankles and this will really stretch out your hips to make sure that your back is nice and tall think about your marionette and your puppet and somebody's lifting you with strings from the crown of your head so thanks so much for checking out my video guys this is a 30 day weight loss challenge so favorite this video and come back and do it four to five times a week and then check out one of our other stretching videos on the psyche tooth website

Publish Date: 25-12-19