Description: use that in combination of either my face halo or my vanity planet little cleansing tool this is like the cheaper version of the expensive tools that you can get for two $300 I believe I got this at Target for 30 bucks I'll link everything down in the description box below so if you are interested in getting any of these and I didn't feel like ordinary warranted its own full video instead I wanted to do a skincare video that actually works I went onto their website I purchased the only cleanser that they had at via beauty cream  the time I believe this is still the only cleanser that they have it's called the squalene cleanser and it's also touted as a makeup remover it is very balmy I don't know if there's anything left in here I used it for a solid month trying to like it oh yeah so it is kind of like balmy it doesn't suds up at all which I'm totally fine with that it smells good but my I have two beefs with

Publish Date: 14-01-20