Description: esque supplements I take not this one I take potassium citrate which is really really good to get here Buster and caffeinated coffee so yeah that is everything first supplement and then talking about some more coconut stuff and I'll probably be wrapping up the video pretty quickly after this I take MCT oil this is unflavored obviously you do not want to add it sugar you don't want to add it anything this is pretty much derived from pure coconut and it's the medium chain triglycerides that help you get into cute ketosis they give you a bit of a fat boost if you're not able to get enough fat calories throughout the day which is a little bit harder for me because like Chris right now he's three meals a day we're probably gonna leave him to two meals a day and I generally

Publish Date: 21-12-19

Description: and got the petals off of everything and put it in a salad ball so I can mix is I got three different colored roses so I can mix everything together I threw the roses all down the stairs because in our in our apartment you enter from the bottom and then you walk up the stairs and to the left is our garage which is where she came out now can I can I point something out now I I like that your apartment is making your fat-ass walk I just want to put that out there I like I do at least two sets of stairs a day hey good for you man I'm glad so I threw I threw the roof I usually when the first floor Abdul so I threw the rose petals down the stairs and I've made rose petals like a pathway all the way to where I'd be standing in the in the kitchen I also put rose petals in the shape of hearts on the on the rug I've lost my train of thought there for a second and so yeah she she got home I had everything

Publish Date: 17-12-19