Description: have to do something extreme in order to have extreme benefit in your health yeah exactly so to give an example I have a nature path friend and she had a colleague who was working with a truck driver who was you know very overweight you know it's a very unhealthy lifestyle you know you're stressed out you're driving but you're sitting the whole time and the patient didn't want to change his diet or he and or he really wasn't able to you know driving across the country you just don't have a lot of access or options right even if you had vegetables you know how are you going to prepare them etc and so what they did is instead of you know the doctor trying to be like trying to force him to change his diet they just adjust that how he ate and so the compromise was instead of eating in his truck he would get out and sit outside to eat and then get back in and keep  countdown keto on going and just that little change right there reduced his weight by a significant percentage so just doing something small by having a less stressful environment eating I'm just a little bit of added motion getting in and out of the truck I think yeah exactly and so and we say doing something small but really it would it was it's

Publish Date: 10-02-20