circulation and it's regulation and it's

Description: circulation and it's regulation and it's supposed to like stimulate the lymphatic system so I'm washing now like detoxing and those buzzwords I hate use it found like three times a week and just brush my legs I really focus on my legs and butt cuz that's where I have no cellulite and upward motions it really afford a shower mm-hmm it really exploits - and the looser skin really soft so I can't get little bumps on my thighs I am those two like the KP uh-huh kind of bumps and this one really gets rid of it ohh so having silky stops good skin is an extra benefit of this but I have actually noticed this has really helped with like I'll start with evianne  my one that's actually - so my Tula this is the Tula probiotic skincare cleanser and then this is the serum which it has this really cool pump thing but there's only like that much so houses a little level that wing raises as it empties so I'll show that up close but

Publish Date: 19-01-20