Description: settle into lines a little bit more than I would like I have powdered this with two different three different to know down in the comments I bet you guys have some great ideas things that I would never a crew that is a color that is often and in my craw so cold right nerd alert so th Benefits of oat milk e full size of this concealer is only twenty six dollars and you get three grams of product so I'm going to go in with this little concealer brush from Sonia Kashuk I don't know if you guys have noticed but at least at my target they're like liquidating Sonia Kashuk right now I'm not sure if they're like gonna not carry her anymore or if they're just making room for the new season but everything is on sale I do feel like I'm piling makeup on my face right now I think that's just because I'm not used to putting makeup on with a brush and have been picking a little bit recently guilty as charged god this feels greasy it's making me nervous it feels like Mac like it's so heavy feeling oh my god this is so heavy this is so freaking heavy like it feels like theater makeup oh god it looks like theater makeup in the monitor whoa that

Publish Date: 22-01-20