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Description: vital alpha testo up for a while and let it really fly down so the grease Colts the cast iron so that's what we're gonna do okay so I just have 1 tablespoon of butter I'm gonna throw that in really to just help deglaze the pan and just get all I try get all the juices Dylan and then we're about to throw in our Brussels sprout bubble reaction here and we're gonna toss in our chopped up Brussels sprouts I'm probably just gonna freeze these since we have that nice glaze with the grease from the pork and then we added that butter if you just really just soaked it all up and it just cooked right into that so I'm gonna keep just kind of stirring these around I'm gonna add some black pepper and they're gonna keep rocking and rolling my friends look at how beautiful you guys can see them this looks so good all right so remember I bought that fresh parmesan so what I'm going to do is I'm going to just shred some on here and then I'm gonna set my feet on the low and I'm just gonna let these kind of slow cook the flavor is a bomb it's a bomb it's not

Publish Date: 17-03-20