Description: bet that smells good and then they have the equate Beauty which is the Walmart version of that wow they have a bigger container of it and they have just the pink grapefruit facial cleanser that's cool now what happened here these are all wonky but try to move these over at these are it's a peel-off mask pink grapefruit this is also made by Neutrogena it's 250 apiece that's a bit muc via beauty cream h who keeps activating that man seeing us over there singing jingle bells and I would always mask ology what is this Jeju volcanic ash charcoal or cleansing bar hmm I don't know if it's like a pumice stone or that would be horrible wet hands with water and rub bar and with both hands oh it lathers up okay interesting oh that's adorable look it's a charcoal spot corrector from equate huh helps

Publish Date: 14-01-20