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Description: slimphoria keto heating up a bowl of my pureed cabbage soup and Jordan is over here with sensational Belgian walnut chocolate chip cookies those are for you those are for me though so you don't have to worry about it it's working like honestly I haven't been like super super hungry however with that said I think I've been craving a lot of stuff I always have food but like I don't want the food that I can't have so I'm getting all the nutrients I really need so I'm not really feeling hungry if I force myself to eat the cabbage soup all the veggies and the fruits and stuff today though is bananas and milk day so I have my bananas I have some Greek yogurt and then I have some kefir yogurt drink so in the past I've had this but it's sweetened and of course for this I can't have sugar so I got the plain unsweetened kind and I didn't realize how hard it would be it would be delicious if I had a little sugar so I'm hoping maybe I can mix a little bit of this with the keeper and then the bananas and the bananas will have a sugar in it so anyway that is my first snack of the day I'll probably have the cabbage soup here in a couple hours and yeah I'm also having coffee  

Publish Date: 19-02-20