instant keto like symptoms that led you to go

Description: instant keto like symptoms that led you to go to the hospital or did you have like a serious issue that you know what I mean I did it was something it's one of those things that you don't notice it right away so it I'm around 390 I was like 360 for sure you know so it was like I was 390 like a woman was 25 so it's like you were diagnosed with diabetes solidly into the mid 400s if not low 500 by then and so you start noticing that basically just everyday things are getting very very hard yeah and it that's one of those things that I talk about all the time when it comes to like the differences now versus when I was at my heaviest like I remember when I was at my heaviest I I didn't even like to bend down and tie my shoe like I it's not that I didn't instant keto reveiws sort of some form of mobility did anything ever go through a head where you're like there's gonna be a point where I can can't do this anymore way in the back of my head there was a point where it's like you're gonna get to a point where you're not gonna be able to work on these cars and I refuse to let it like take me down like I was very adamant that I'm like no I can still do my job and even when I couldn't like the productivity of the shop would suffer because I couldn't do a routine job without having to stop and take a break you know it's funny you mentioned the thing about tying your shoes because I used to actually put my shoes on first and then put my pants on because I couldn't do both I couldn't do it the other way around I really I couldn't put my pants on and then physically lift my leg and tie my shoe like you tie

Publish Date: 10-03-20