Description: things like nutritious snacks such as nuts or a piece of fruit or some crunchy veggies and dip or some celery and peanut butter some soup bra which is also fairly comforting think chicken noodle soup or if you really are craving carbohydrate foods you can try complex carboh how to stop overeating ydrates like popped popcorn or whole grain english muffin those are foods that are whole grains and they have fiber and I'll keep you full if we're really eating for hunger in the first place we also want to keep portioned out amounts so that we contain so that we don't eat right from containers so these would be things such as buying a large container of nuts and putting it into small baggies you can also buy pre-portioned 100 calorie snack packs to help you with us finally we want to keep tempting foods out of the house so we don't want to keep containers of ice cream in the freezer promoted that's our go-to hood one or stressed but even better than switching foods is really trying to work on using non-food related stress reducing behaviors this is kind of the key to working on overeating related distress so we're going to spend some time finding some non-food related behaviors the reason this is so important as part of a

Publish Date: 10-02-20