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Description: velofel like say of my fucking I sold agree nice and creamy Jamie moment you know encapsulated in time you know I can't fact check you on it but yeah this city to fight I can get yeah listen I can get the keys that the gonna be whoever he wants to be and like I can remember that room just went fucking dead quiet and I outside the gym thinking ah you fucking prick yeah look at me now I was kind of vermin I'm not a bum velofel za now me yeah I was I was very aware that I wasn't following traditional route in school I I liked year eight nine I knew that whatever I was gonna do wasn't gonna be granted to me through my education and I think it takes a certain type of person like that teacher that you had that saw that you'd be something to understand that you were just self-aware is isn't that your thumb is that you were so self-aware of how the world works that you knew that it didn't rely on fucking education yeah listen I knew I wanted a new

Publish Date: 13-04-20