The Principle of Low Noise Washer Motor

Description: The noise of Washer Motors need to be analyzed in two aspects: 1.Mechanical aspects Damaged washer motor cooling fan, broken motor casing, unstable motor fixing will increase motor noise. This can be easy to handle. As long as the source of the noise can be found, the noise can be reduced. 2 Electrical aspects (1) The carrier frequency of the inverter is too low You can appropriately set the carrier frequency higher, but this will cause other problems. If the carrier frequency is too high, it will cause interference to other equipment, especially when PLC communication is used. Therefore, the carrier frequency should be set according to the actual conditions of the site. (2) Washer Motor resonance Sometimes, the washer motor will generate mechanical resonance in a certain frequency band during operation. At this time, you can use the frequency hopping setting method of the inverter. Generally, the inverter has a "frequency hopping" setting which can set the frequency of the motor resonance. When the inverter runs to this frequency band, skip this frequency as a way to avoid the motor from resonance. (3) Reduced washer motor load capacity Sometimes after the motor is used for a long time or the quality of the washer motor get bad, the load capacity will be reduced. Here the noise of the washer motor will also be louder than normal. (4) High harmonics of the inverter When the high-order harmonic components of the inverter are large, the washer motor is easy to increase vibration, the speed to produce jitter and instability, and increase the motor noise. AC (input side) and DC (output side) reactors should be installed. With low energy consumption, superior performance, and reducer efficiency up to 96%, our washer motor has low vibration and low noise. Strong versatility, convenient maintain, low maintenance cost, especially for the production line make it easy to guarantee the normal production and maintenance of the entire line. The new sealing device has good protection performance and strong adaptability to the environment. It can also work continuously in harsh environments such as corrosion and humidity. More information about Washer Motors please click

Publish Date: 08-04-20