again so bend your knees nice and deep

Description: again so bend your knees nice and deep toning through our legs reach your sitting bones back scoop your belly up and end so everything is toned bring your hands on to your thighs then press into your legs to it doesn't your hands behind your head to give you a little support tuck your knees in towards your chest scooping your belly in so right here go ahead and tone your abdominals even though you're lying on your back so tone your belly in then curl your head and shoulders towards your knees then let's extend your left leg out in front of you keeping your right knee bent and twist your left elbow towards your right kne gravity theory cream e keep your head and shoulders lifted and switch your legs and switch your twist extend your right leg and reach your right elbow towards your left knee and again we'll switch left-to-right and switch again right-to-left all right we're goin gravity theory cream g to move this now doing a

Publish Date: 03-02-20