Description: that I enjoy cooking and I enjoy feeding people and if I can feed them healthy Quito food that they enjoy even if they're not kido that thrills me if and then so I'm always working on recipes to try to you know let the people who aren't necessarily eating the way I eat still enjoy the food that I do and always a disclaimer I say you know this is low carb this isn't low calorie there is a difference so if i take treats or something you know they will be low net car but they will not be low calorie it's it's virtually impossible to make us treat that especially with keto being fat you know having a lot of fat in it most of the time yeah it's not g countdown keto oing to be low calorie so anyway hmm the way I kido is one of the things that I always shoot for every day is I drink three of these this is a

Publish Date: 28-01-20