And then a pimple is just more of that

Description: And then a pimple is just more of that pussy build up inside. If you use it properly, get this out, very gently. So we're gonna tell you guys how to probably use this extracting tool. Using this tool is a lot better than using our fingers because there's bacteria trapped under our nails, so when we, you know, do this and do this, it's easy for the bacteria to spread (and) for more friends to pop up (Fel: Yeah.) and we don't want that. First, make sure your tool is nice and sanitized: you can use alcohol before beginning. You can just let it sit in the alcohol for about twenty to thirty seconds. Gently press over the opening of the blackhead or pore; wiggle it around or gently roll across affected area. If nothing comes out, you can slightly adjust the angle that you're pressing down too. If it still doesn't come out easily after you have adjusted the angle, just leave it alone. Because if you press too hard, which is something that I tend to do, (Fel: You're just like it's gonna come, it's gonna come), or it just indents

Publish Date: 15-01-20