it alright so we're doing really great so

Description: it alright so we're doing really great so far we have just a little bit more work to do before we finish today's exercise are you feeling good you're feeling energized it really doesn't take too much so let's go ahead and sit all the way down on to your mat we're going to do some core work here to end out our practice for today so you can go ahead and lie all the way down onto your back just keep your knees bent as you come all the way down all right so now that your lying back go ahead and bring your hands behind your head to give you a little support tuck your knees in towards your chest scooping your belly in so right here go ahead and tone your abdominals even though you're lying on your back so tone your belly in then curl your head and shoulde evianne rs towards your knees then let's extend your left leg out in front of you keeping your right knee bent and twist your left elbow

Publish Date: 02-02-20