DXN Code Strike line like you don't and you should

Description: DXN Code Strike line like you don't and you should not be inhaling any of those fumes and he that does ba ba ba ba so but I never really thought about it for like yeah I got the masks you guys look at that Jordan I've also gifted you protection from the coronavirus you are welcome I feel like it's fun to like I don't know just imagining if that happened and then if you were prepared yeah I love being prepared yeah and I know your family does too I love the atom loves that yeah it's we're all in it together that's great Lincoln's building a little Ford in the garage but he thinks is our bunker and I'm not doing it to scare him I just think I enjoy the process of being ready mm-hmm and then also that I want to encourage him to like be at vigilant and wash his hands a lot because kids are very good about yeah yeah so stuff like that but yeah you know a little fear of it I hope it's all useless I hope I feel like well I wasted my money on those masks I hope so to   DXN Code Strike side effects  yeah I think that it's more widespread than we realized and maybe they're gonna get it under control but for example I follow Larry brilliant on Twitter heat we had him on the show he wrote a book called sometimes brilliant and he is responsible for eradicating smallpox he's an owner and he figured out the way to stop smallpox and vaccinate people and so he's got a lot of commentary about it and he's like you know saying you need to be prepared prepared and that especially because funding has been cut from a lot of government stuff yeah we're not exactly if the CDC still exists man yeah you should probably you'll be fine you guys I'm just enjoying the process yeah learning and seeing how it goes and you know I

Publish Date: 12-03-20