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Description: at the beginn Velofel side effects ing in this video we are moving in what like seven days six days and so very soon very exciting so then we're gonna have our own pantry and we can fill it with whatever stuff we want however I will just kind of list off some of the stuff that I will be purchasing but great I have this almost empty bag of almonds by almonds and both they're amazing they taste good plain you can also get roasted and salted almonds cuz like you can have a little bit more salt if I'm a keto diet cuz when you don't e Velofel benefitsl  at carbs your body like flushes water and electrolytes so you need to replenish that but you're a huge chance of almonds really really good for baking good for making like granola cereal all of that good stuff I have tested a couple different recipes one that I think is Chris approved that

Publish Date: 05-03-20

Description: little brush folder because we need to do a couple things we need to turn on shape dynamics and for size jitter I am using a tablet so I'm gonna say I give me that pen pressure action some people I know like to use an angle jitter and they'll use direction which allows it to sort of follow wherever you're painting I don't like to do that for hair so I'm gonna I'm not gonna do anything with any of the other jitters I only change pen pressure in here the main thing that you want to change is here under brush tip shape and that is the spacing you want to just knock it all the way down so you want to get solid lines right so now we got some hair Tressurge right there we go something like that now what we need to do obviously is make the brush a lot lot smaller so I can zoom in here and I want to gauge kind of how big the hairs are right they're not that big so we're gonna just use that left square bracket key and make this much smaller and you can see here as we paint through we can paint all of these what would be fresh hairs right that's

Publish Date: 12-01-20