Shuttering Magnet

Description: 900kg Box Magnet Popular Box Magnet in Australian Precast Concrete Factory Description: 900kg box magnet is popular with Australian precast concrete factories. Thanks to the modern NdFeB magnets used, the popular box magnet is lightweight and compact. This type of system allows its multiple applications in any material of formworks. It consists of Neodymium magnet system, a steel housing and top button. The steel housing protects the magnet system. The top button brings the magnet into contact with the steel table. A lifting lever is used to raise the button and release the magnet. Besides 900kg box magnet model, we have models of holding force ranging from 1600kg to 3100kg. More options of models allow simple and complicated shuttering tasks. This simple box magnet system helps you save time and expense required for welding, sanding and preparing the formwork. With adapters fixed through integrated threaded holes, it can be used in almost any material and shape of formworks. Application Example:Shuttering Magnet website:

Publish Date: 03-03-20