Description: The time it Cognidren hits your fingers that's just one ounce and that's about five milligrams of vitamin E right there now the trick is don't eat it because if you do you know what happens if you have those nice salty almonds and you've eaten them you fill your hand again and then you eat it again if there's something about salty cashews and almonds is it just me there's something about them they're a little bit addicting in some way so don't do that that's going to be way more than you need the answer is pour them into your hand and then crumble them up and put them on your salad or put them on your oatmeal or on your pancakes or something use them as a flavoring not as a snack food there you're going to be okay all right researchers at the University of Cincinnati's went one step further not just saturated fat not just trans fats not just vitamin E but they said what about color look at blueberries and grapes that that color that they have is dramatic and the colors of blueberries aren't just Cognidrenthere to make them pretty those are called anthocyanins they brought in a group of individuals.

Publish Date: 02-02-20