Description: with a focus on getting your files in Office 365 I am going to tie it all together for you so you have a solid practical understanding of how sharepoint teams and onedrive work together and how we use cloud security and management services like Microsoft Intune Asscher Active Directory premium and add your information protection and Microsoft cloud app security to keep your files your digital assets safe and under your control and I'm gonna be demoing all of this inside of zillions very own Microsoft 365 tenant so you can see how a proper configuration looks and works and feels that was set up thoughtfully by trained and certified engineers with lots of experience migrating clients file servers over to office 365 and I'm gonna show you what your file sharing system could be like if you get it set up by someone who knows what they're doing so once you have your file server files moved in Office 365 we can shut down that file server and you're never going to deal with file server maint DXN Code Strike enance or Hardware refreshes ever again and usually once the files is gone we are done with servers in

Publish Date: 09-04-20