Description: watch to be able to watch this video and feel confident if you do decide to go into a supplement store and make some purchases because I don't want you to be wasting your money but without further ado let's get into the interview thank you so much for being on the channel I'm super excited just for maybe some of the people that might not know who you are and like why you're on the channel if you could give us like a short background of of that that'd be great sure I'll try to keep it quick but my name is Dylan phenom I've been friends on for how long three years now so my dad is much like John I lost up to up how to stop overeating  to 150 pounds so I had an extreme weight loss transformation that's kind of how John and I became friends I had then went into coaching and physique coaching and you know we're talking I'm shortening a decade's worth the time almost now so I do have a story on John's

Publish Date: 12-02-20