very high maintenance very high-energy I'm g

Description: very high maintenance very high-energy I'm gonna get a frozen thing yes you might throw it off to the like sugary tablets I will be buying pills from now on so that it like you're not just getting all the I milk powder so it has it what does it have it has like 1 gram of carbs total which MCT oil has no grams of carbs um and this has a little bit less fat than PRM cetys so keep that in mind however this is really good to mix in with a smoothie it's really good to men with a protein shake or just like a protein drink in the morning  Tinnitus 911 if you want to make it like switch the macros a little bit so that it's a bit more fatty and a little bit less filled with protein so that can definitely help okay guys so this is gonna be the last stretch of video this is all the food I have right now what what's wrong he was looking sulfon the reflection he was in the mirror having a puppy is literally the worst thing for

Publish Date: 29-02-20