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Description: DXN Code Strike cleansing or washing your sheets then you're gonna notice that your skin can't be clear because you're sleeping on bacteria for like eight hours a night I have coffee stains on my my pillow so this is a great time to water with our cleansers but as you notice it start to go super tacky and turn a little bit white that's when it's time to activate the cleanser I'm gonna do this by moistening my hands with some water can't stand that word and we're just going to massage for a second time now not only does this help you pay it more attention to your cleansing process which is a huge part of clearing up your skin but it also lifts up kind of like removing glue off of your face like I just find that this goes so much deeper and when I do that third level of like activation I really suds up my skin and this gets it so incredibly clean and bright and clear it keeps you acne free I really enjoy this method now most importantly and perhaps most overlooked we often keep our products in really dirty environments and we just keep them there and don't think about the fact that that DXN Code Strike BUY  bacteria is often transferred from our hands to our face and clearing up your skin can sometimes be those simple things like just being aware of what you're touching so be aware of your environment and give your products of cleanse from time to time it really does make a difference this is a two-in-one and I want to make a point about something that I think is a common misconception in skincare

Publish Date: 03-03-20