Description: better than something like wander Beauty okay all tea all shade it's so cakey and like any lint that's flying through just with some of my own here something really basic we're just gonna go in with the NARS torrid blush this is just kind of an old reliable blush for me I'm just kind of touch the cheese here and we're going to go in everything feels so it doesn't nothing feels set nothing feels set it's dri Benefits of oat milk ving me nuts I might have to go in with some makeup forever okay this is some HD powder hopefully there's not a whole ton of flash for that because of this but we've kind of got except this it's just it's so like it just feels like it's moving around on my face it's so dewy oh I hate that feeling it makes gonna claw my skin off okay all right and now we do have the powder foundation and I'm going to use that in a couple of spots where I need a little bit of extra coverage after putting on this full face of makeup this also comes in a cute little filter No oh my god it's so dark why is it so dark color is this this is bisque a semi matte powder foundation this K is their second lightest and it is the one that has the more yellow undertones but on top of my makeup it looks so gray I don't understand so kind of go a different route

Publish Date: 23-01-20