Description: know what happened but I guess innocent till proven guilty but I knew I do know one thing for sure is he just left the accomplishments that he was able to in just six NFL seasons and none of them healthy he was absolutely incredible so did it take me by surprise when I was sitting on my couch scrolling there it rose man if he didn't sustain any injury the man goes down a history plane is simple so an angel Tom Brady was thrust into his starting position the same thing can happen to him eventually we're starting to see with players retiring earlier yeah yeah you're right on and what Gronk you kind of can't say that I woul Alpha Testo Boost X d say two years from now nobody would be surprised he retires but just the time that he retired now it's the same thing sustaining injury it's got like frickin sideboards right arm you know the whole cast on his arm yeah you know for him it's I think he's just

Publish Date: 16-12-19