DXN Code Strike meaning that dr. Brandis has not only

Description: DXN Code Strike meaning that dr. Brandis has not only been involved with pretty extensively Triathlon since 1981 when I was born but he also ran track and cross-country for Brown University he's a Fiza fit dude even knows how to how to keep long bike rides from inhibiting your ability to to get it up fellas so we'll hit on that too so Judson welcome to the show man oh thank you it's that honor to be here yeah I'm stoked to have you and talk about this stuff and I you know what we might as well I mean I do want to ask you about your triathlon history and a little bit about specifically endurance athletes and sexual enhancement and testosterone but before we go that I'm just gonna address the elephant in the room right away man this whole DXN Code Strike USA that I take your availability of nitric oxide and will be the nitric side and I can bump that up as well and of course as is the case with many of the guests that I have on I go for people who are after my own heart femi wave thing for women to enhance sexual performance by blasting their crotch with sound waves and the reason I'm asking is to fold a a bunch of women have been asking me about this since they found out that I go down to down to Florida and there's clinics all over the country including yours that do this shock wave treatment for men which I've done podcasts on before and if you're listening just go to Ben Greenfield fitness.com slash shockwave and I'll link to my previous podcasts on this whole gains wave therapy for men but there's also this one for women and of course we are we are fine with getting explicit on the show you can describe in great detail if you need to Judson but what is what is the deal how

Publish Date: 03-03-20