Description:  started my weight loss journey in 2019 January 2nd is the day that I started because it I had to do something like I knew that I had to do something like though what the way that I was and where I was headed was not going to fit into my lifestyle and I don't mean the way that I looked I don't mean the way that I felt about myself I mean my actual physical health it was it was not going to work so rapid fast keto boost I set a goal for myself in 2019 that I was going to try to lose weight to be healthier for myself or at least be more active and whatever came with that whatever came with being more active and eating better you know that's what I needed that's what I had to do to take control of my health again so basically what I did was I bought a Fitbit and I have worn it every single day of my life since January 2nd 2019 you can go back to every single video that I've posted it's in every single video maybe a different color band it's

Publish Date: 21-01-20