Description: A third type of home made pond filter uses at least a 250 gallon pump. Add a 4 foot length of 3/8" hose to the exhaust end of the pump. Cut a hole in the end of a plastic tool Total Keto Boost box for the hose to fit through, then put the pump in the box with the hose running outside. Attach the aerator to the outside end of the hose. Drill 30 to 40 1/4" holes in the other end and top of the box. Fill a mesh bag with Zeolite and activated carbon, and fit it into the open end of the box. Place the box in the water, and plug the pump in. In summer this filter will keep your water circulating, and during both the winter and summer, the activated charcoal will remove harmful ammonia from your pond environment.

Publish Date: 13-03-20