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Description: amazing and still it's so good it makes everything you bake tastes amazing and along the lines of coconut I also have these just like ran it's just a random brand of unsweetened medium coconut gh fat coconut milk and you want to make sure that they don't add any sugar so in this there's two grams of carbs for a quarter cup which is not a lot this is really really fatty good for baking it's good for making like puddings mooses smoothies and things like that if you want to get a good shot of that and it tastes really savory and sweet despite the fact that it doesn't have any added sugar so that's somet vital alpha testo hing really really good to keep in mind and then on to some nuts and seeds I don't actually have a wide variety of nuts and seeds right now because like I said at the beginning in this video we are moving in what like seven days six days and so very soon very exciting so then we're gonna have our own pantry and we can fill it with whatever stuff we want however I will just kind of list off some of the

Publish Date: 30-05-20

DXN Code Strike the basis of extensive studies and clinical

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Publish Date: 27-02-20