Description: would have like some of them have like 40 grams of sugar which is it saying totally I'm necessary it like why bother so yeah I feel like I here oh I have one more coconut product two three four four more coconut products you will notice there's a lot of coconut in our lives this is just Western family Organic premium coconut milk like this you want to get the high fat coconut milk and you want to make sure that they don't add any sugar so in this there's two grams of carbs for a quarter cup which is not a lot this is really really fatty good for baking it's good for making like puddings mooses smoothies and things Trim Fast Keto  like that if you want to get a good shot of that and it tastes really savory and sweet despite the fact that it doesn't have any added sugar so that's something really really good to keep in mind and then on to some nuts and seeds I don't actually have a wide variety of nuts and seeds right now because like I said at the beginning in this video we are moving in what like seven days six

Publish Date: 24-06-20

Description: empowered boost wouldn't mind doing it right now then I mean it sounds like a very good deal and I definitely phone number please yes three one zero four nine five two four five eight yes I do it's a Karl P just P as in Peter short at so P at yes correct yes thank you and for the many statements are we using his credit card or debit card or a creepy it'll be a Visa Card Visa credit card all right what is the card number yes it's four five three seven four two one nine eight six five seven six one four four five yes 0 5 2 1 5 3 8 yes correct ma'am this one should water coming up used it for over a year so sir I apologize miss towns system detects the credit card is invalid no man just call this back if you have any other cards or a prepaid card that you can use by the way all calls are recorded either and record is already on file ok perfect ma'am Wow III don't know what happened there it's weird I will definitely kick them in

Publish Date: 01-03-20