eggs freezer quart-sized bags because

Description: eggs freezer quart-sized bags because I got the ground beef this 8812 this whole thing was like $18 I think it's like six pounds so that was a good deal and then I just bag them up into like one and a quarter pounds I'm in here pop them in the freezer whenever I need where's pull-up and then the Kirkland almond flour I was really hesitant on getting this because I've tried the other brands but this is actually really pretty good this is I'm gonna give it a nine out of ten and the reason why is because instead of a 10 out of 10 because this thing the zipper part does not like do it like even I know that there's a little bit of flour in there but I'll knock it all off and clean it up and it still won't sit so the packaging sucks on this thing but anyway that's all that I have fo countdown keto r my little grocery haul wait I take that back I got fish it's already in the freezer but I had to put in a freezer in our big freezer outside and

Publish Date: 27-01-20